“ When you learn, teach. When you get, give.”

~ Maya Angelou

With both a corporate and community background in training development and facilitation, I love sharing knowledge, interacting with others and hearing fresh perspectives.

It is a love of learning, for being a student and a teacher, that goes back as far as placing my stuffed animals around my chalkboard where I would teach them whatever I learned at school that day!

What would you like to learn?

Courses, Workshops & Seminars

  • Midlife Makeover – From Crisis to Creation
  • Boundary Boot Camp – Strengthen the Muscles that Define You
  • Awakening to Your Life Purpose
  • The Law of Being – Unlocking your Unlimited Potential
  • Healing the Wounds – The Path to Divorce Recovery
  • The Gift of Shift
  • Conquering the Inner Critic
  • Stress Management is Time Management
  • Goal Setting – Turning Aspirations into Achievements

Online Support Groups

  • Pathway to Healing after Divorce

How to learn with Ann

Individuals: Ann offers online courses for Personal Development and Divorce Recovery Support Groups in a class-style format. Connect to inquire here or check her scheduling site for current offerings and availability here.

Groups: Ann will work with you or your organization to determine what topic would serve your goal and get the results you desire from a live or online presentation . Click here to connect.

I attended The Gift of Shift workshop tonight and it was very educational. It was so packed with important information and how to achieve great communication and connection, that my usually wandering mind stayed focused for the entire evening. Ann and her co-facilitator made the information easy to understand and entertaining. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to improve their connections with family, friends and co-workers. 5 stars!!!

Workshop Participant
Moncton, New Brunswick

I got so much from this group. Really important psychological topics were addressed. A lot of emotional healing took place. I feel much less weighed down by negativity and the past, less fearful of the future, and ready to make the most of the present. If Ann offers a retreat, I will be there!

Group Coaching Participant
Pointe Claire, Quebec

This support group came along at right time, and as scared as I was to share my situation and ask for help, I am so glad I did. I found sincere compassion and guidance. I am grateful for Ann’s wisdom and gentle expression with her teachings.

Support Group Participant
Pointe Claire, Quebec

After experiencing major relationship problems, I sought the help of a few therapists. But no therapist measured up to what Ann brought to my life. I was very fortunate to have had the privilege of meeting Ann at a class offered at the West Island Women Centre. Ann offers classes on topics relevant to our every day life , and attending Ann’s classes is like having a good friend guiding you, helping you make the right decisions in order to live your best life.
When I learned that Ann was offering workshops where partners could attend, I encouraged my husband to register. We attended two of Ann’s Workshops: “Conquer the Inner Critic” and “The Gift of Shift”. He was impressed with her and agreed that she was the person we needed to help us regain intimacy in our relationship. When we meet with Ann, she listens to our relationship challenges with compassion while at the same time providing us with practical, actionable strategies aligned with our goals, values and vision. We have made more progress in our relationship working with Ann than we thought possible.

Ginette R
Pointe Claire, Quebec

I would like to thank you, Ann, for everything you have done for me over the past three years. You have been there from the beginning of my journey leading the support group as I went through divorce, to personal development classes where I discovered myself, and in private coaching where I finally found my life purpose. You always knew what I needed. You listened, you cared, you guided, you cheered me on! I think everybody needs a little bit of Ann in their lives! You would be the first person I would recommend as a coach and mentor. Also, your workshops are amazing!

Monica K.
Montreal, Quebec