What people are saying..

When I first started working with Ann I was going through a very difficult time in my life.  I was stuck in a job that was miserable beyond words.  I was working through a breakup that had left me feeling inadequate, lonely, and sad. I just felt lost.  After a couple of months working with Ann, I am a completely different person!  I have a new job which I love, I feel more confident than I ever have in my life, and I’m just excited for what my future holds!  I can not imagine where I would be had I not made the decision to invest in myself and work with Ann. She gave me the push I needed but most importantly she provided me the space to explore myself and to figure out what makes me happy. I am so proud of how far I have come in such a short amount of time, it’s an amazing feeling and I will forever be thankful for my time with Ann!  If you are trying to decide if you should work with her, the answer is yes, just do it!

Danielle T.
Pompano Beach, Florida

This support group came along at right time, and as scared as I was to share my situation and ask for help, I am so glad I did. I found sincere compassion and guidance. I am grateful for Ann’s wisdom and gentle expression with her teachings.

Support Group Participant
Pointe Claire, Quebec

My name is Dave L. and in September 2016, I was in turmoil looking for a way out of grief of losing my relationship. My signs were regret, guilt, anger, resentment, self-pity, despair and profound sadness. I was depressed and desperately needed a way through to the other side. Fortunately, I found Ann. With her guidance, support and deep concern, we first found ways of coping with the present. We then looked at the past together and healing began. Talking, sharing, praying and continually asking to be healed became a routine that was working. Ann coached and encouraged and suggested specific exercises be completed, on-going. I continually surrendered all, over and over, and one day, then another, then again, I had breakthroughs! I am happy again and Ann was the key to my recovery. I will always be grateful for finding her and the path that she helped me to see, myself as I am, as I was, and as I can continue to be, and what more I can become! I am blessed, thank you Ann

Dave L.
Montreal, Quebec

Ann’s support group allowed connecting with others (sharing common experiences), realizing my strengths, and learning how to embrace the positive aspects of my situation. I learned coping skills, and was reminded to prioritize my needs and make good, healthy choices in life to move forward.

Support Group Participant
Pointe Claire, Quebec

I would like to thank you, Ann, for everything you have done for me over the past three years. You have been there from the beginning of my journey leading the support group as I went through divorce, to personal development classes where I discovered myself, and in private coaching where I finally found my life purpose. You always knew what I needed. You listened, you cared, you guided, you cheered me on! I think everybody needs a little bit of Ann in their lives! You would be the first person I would recommend as a coach and mentor. Also, your workshops are amazing!

Monica K.
Montreal, Quebec

I am an older man who was recently diagnosed with ADHD. The ADHD had a profound effect on many aspects of my life, and helped explain many problems I was experiencing, especially in my relationship with my wife. I was able to gain some insight from therapy, but I remained stuck on the actual actions needed to change. Although the diagnosis helped explain my impulsivity, disorganization, and emotional unawareness, therapy could not give me the tools I needed. Ann has been my personal, and relationship coach for over a year. In that time,
she has given me the confidence to change, and to grow. I especially appreciate the way that she always has a practical solution to help me move beyond a crisis. With her help, I have become more adept at pausing and reflecting when situations bring emotional turmoil. I am learning to question the thoughts and feelings, pause and respond rather than react. I am also learning with her help how to live more intentionally.

Philip R.
Montreal, Quebec

Time passed leaving us wanting more! Ann helped us strengthen team relationships and connect to a common goal and vision. And, we had fun at the same time.

Corporate Team Building Participant
St. Laurent, Quebec

After experiencing major relationship problems, I sought the help of a few therapists. But no therapist measured up to what Ann brought to my life. I was very fortunate to have had the privilege of meeting Ann at a class offered at the West Island Women Centre. Ann offers classes on topics relevant to our every day life , and attending Ann’s classes is like having a good friend guiding you, helping you make the right decisions in order to live your best life.
When I learned that Ann was offering workshops where partners could attend, I encouraged my husband to register. We attended two of Ann’s Workshops: “Conquer the Inner Critic” and “The Gift of Shift”. He was impressed with her and agreed that she was the person we needed to help us regain intimacy in our relationship. When we meet with Ann, she listens to our relationship challenges with compassion while at the same time providing us with practical, actionable strategies aligned with our goals, values and vision. We have made more progress in our relationship working with Ann than we thought possible.

Ginette R
Pointe Claire, Quebec

I got so much from this group. Really important psychological topics were addressed. A lot of emotional healing took place. I feel much less weighed down by negativity and the past, less fearful of the future, and ready to make the most of the present. If Ann offers a retreat, I will be there!

Group Coaching Participant
Pointe Claire, Quebec

Ann connected with the audience from the moment she began. Although it was a delicate topic, she gracefully weaved humour into the speech. We found ourselves emotional and spellbound.

Conference Attendee
Birmingham, Alabama

Ann was completely wonderful, a beacon of light during many dark days. It was wonderful meeting other women going through similar experiences. I gained the skills to go forward, and grew in my ability to be a support to others and be supported. Only people with the experience of divorce can fully identify.

Support Group Participant
Pointe Claire, Quebec

I attended The Gift of Shift workshop tonight and it was very educational. It was so packed with important information and how to achieve great communication and connection, that my usually wandering mind stayed focused for the entire evening. Ann and her co-facilitator made the information easy to understand and entertaining. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to improve their connections with family, friends and co-workers. 5 stars!!!

Workshop Participant
Moncton, New Brunswick

Thank you Ann for sharing. I found your statement “love is life’s greatest lesson, and some of us require more time than others to get it right” so impactful and touching; so patient, forgiving and positive. Sending love and gratefulness for your life and all the lives that have touched yours – has made you such a formidable, inspirational and freakin’ awesome person!


Before working with Ann, I used to runaway from conflict and difficult conversations whether it be with my husband or with clients.  Ann has helped me “confidently” face situations that I would have avoided in the past. Ann is incredible at listening to the situation, getting to the core, and helping me overcome my challenges while staying true to my values.   Now, I can handle difficult conversations with ease and the outcome is always positive.
As a result, my relationship with my husband is stronger.  I am much better about handling difficult conversations with clients keeping their best interest and my best interest in mind.  Thank you Ann for bringing out my confidence and being an amazing coach!

Estelle W.
Orlando, Florida